Apr. 22nd, 2013

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I'm going to see if I can crosspost my Facebook posts to my LJ to see if that will inspire me write a little more than I will on Facebook.

At the gym I discovered that the spanking brand new Arc machine has a fan on it. YAY! I also discovered the fan automatically disconnects when you go below 80 steps a minute. BASTARDS. Some call it motivation. I call it.... BASTARDS.

Here's the thing about Facebook--I can't really be me. My family's on facebook, people in my industry are on facebook and I'd really rather not get my freak on over there too, too much. Even when I say something that I think is harmless, I find that someone, somewhere thinks I'm completely off.

So Thom and I were at the gym. I'm still struggling with my weight and with all my deep-seated self loathing issues surrounding my weight. I'm also dealing with the fact that Liv is graduating from high school in six weeks and heading off to college in August--as in I've got a cap and gown in the closet and I have to put a tuition deposit down this week. Oy.

So needless to say I'm a neurotic ball of neurotic.

But really, is anyone surprised by that?


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