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I really do. I'm all over Facebook, but keep forgetting my first love, LJ. Ahhh, I'm such a fickle bitch.

I don't know why. I mean, I have to be pretty careful about what I put on FB. I have people from work on there, and ex-work, and high school, and family. I just got picked up by my 14 year old nephew, so I have to be even more careful so I don't break him too young.

I mean, I can cuss all I want on LJ. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK. See?

Anyways, a quick medical update. I was released from the hospital on October 4, 2012 with a metric fuckton of pain pills, two pee bags (one that strapped to my leg for day--Activewear for the pee-bag set, I guess. The big selling point on that one per the nurse was that I could pee standing up. Whoopie shit. As my area rug, socks, and bathroom floor can attest, I was not very good at that one. The other was the big "overnight bag" that hung on the side of the bed and I carried it with me around the house. It was suggested on Facebook that I should Sharpie "LV" all over and carry it with panache around the neighborhood. [ profile] snixen teased me relentlessly about it and still uses it as a threat.) and a 10" long vertical incision full of staples.

I was waited on hand and foot by my beloved husband (who really is too good for me). A few nightws later I developed a 102.4 fever. So off to the Dr. on that Monday AM.

Turns out I was fighting off the flu, and Thom had caught the flu. I'm thanking every diety out there that it did not go to my lungs, because I cannot fathom having to cough (more than I already did) with that incision.

The doctor got my pathology reports back--no cancer, for which I am also very grateful to aforementioned dieties, but I had adenomyosis (endometriosis of the actual uterus), uterine polyps, a cyst in my fallopian tube, and massive fibroids. She took out eight pounds of fibroids and uterus, and had to take one of my ovaries because it was entangled with everything.

I had to go the radiology place so they could take that lovely catheter and fill my bladder up with iodine to the point of pain so they could check it for leaks. (She points at the table which is waist high to me. "Care to hop up on the table?" Me: "No." Her: "Uhm, you need to get on the table." Me: "I'm not hopping anywhere. Help?")

The next day I got the catheter out and I was finally able to start walking around the neighborhood. (I had an aversion to wearing a bag of warm pee on my leg and then going out walking and sweating with it) I can assure you I couldn't stop grinning for the first day after that damned thing was out either.

So my staples are out, I'm peeing on my own. I just got cleared to drive and overdid it yesterday, and did too much again today.

So in short, I'm doing great! When I'm not tired from being an idiot and overdoing, my energy level is already better than pre-surgery. Doctor says that when my blood counts are all normal again, I will find that this was a life changing surgery. I think she's right.

Just got the hospital bill in. $42,531.42 is the going rate to have a total abdominal hysterectomy, FYI. That doesn't count the $647.00 for fixing the bladder or whatever my doctor's billing is going to be, or any of the other myriad of charges that I'm sure will filter in over the next few weeks.
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