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Psycho, yet strangely endearing

Run, Orlando. Run far, run fast.

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Birthdate:Oct 24
Location:Clearwater, Florida, United States of America
I'm a fast approaching middle age mother of one, Lord of the Rings obsessed insurance adjuster.

I like elves. And more recently, Orlando Bloom in an almost frightening way.

Thrilling, aren't I?

I keep trying to add "doing freakish things to Orlando Bloom with Duct tape and Extra Thick Reddi-whip" to my interests, but it just won't let me.

I think that says something. I'm not sure what, but it definately says... something...

About my friends list: I don't expect you to ask if you can add me. Just do. I'll notice you eventually. Honest. Don't expect me to add you back without "getting to know you" a bit, though. I'm odd that way.

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