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Another weekend, another 30 miles, another slew of blisters. Joy.

On the upside, the blisters aren't as bad as they were two weeks ago, but still... Not happy.

I'm discovering that I can do just fine on the first day. Sixteen miles, no problem. It's the second day that gets me all blistered up.

This weekend was actually pretty nice. I know [ profile] telaryn would probably argue with me on that, but it was much cooler this weekend. Saturday was pretty humid, but today was gorgeous. It was almost cool when we hit the trail at 6:05 AM, the sunrise over Lake Seminole was incredible, and there was a cool breeze almost the entire way. It was pleasant and not being about to fall out from the heat made the walk go faster. We did 14 miles today with 4 bathroom/water/food breaks totalling about 1/2 hr in 4 1/2 hrs. Not bad. We were back to our cars by 10:35, which beats my previous record of 11:15 by a biiiiig chunk of time. Watch next weekend be absolutely beastly.

[ profile] telaryn was having issues with her sinuses yesterday. I think she was fighting off some illness, truth be told, because she wasn't feeling good starting out. Not like you feel GREAT when you have to get up before 5:00 AM on your weekend and force yourself choke down some food so you'll have energy to walk a godawful distance in godawful heat. Hell, my gastro-intestinal system doesn't even wake up until a half hour after I do. But still...

So she got 'swept' about a mile and a half from the end. In the 3 Day, they have 'sweeps' that come pick up the people who can't make it, and our trainer--the perky Bataan Death March Cheerleader from Hell--is teaching us how to make use of 'sweeps' and 'grab and go' stops (where you get water/food/bathroom/whathaveyou) and how to know when to quit, which in the grand scheme is just as important as being able to go on.

I've discovered lambswool seems to help with the blisters better than moleskin/foam. At least it seems so.

Two weeks ago I blistered so badly that I was hobbling around for five days. The thing that freaked me the most? The blister under one of my toenails. It lifted the nail right up and I was pretty sure I was going to lose the nail.

I'm going to state clearly and unequivicolly for the record--I lose a toenail, I'm done. Losing a toenail is a BIG NO-GO for me.

I'm such a weenie. I thought I was all hard-core. Hit by a bike? No problem. Concussion. Nothing. Four staples in my head and a scar that would make me look like a Klingon if I were to ever lose my hair? BRING IT, BITCH.

Toenail loss? Oh. Fuck. No.

Heh. I'm such a girl.

Last weekend I went out to walk, having duct taped a piece of foam to the bottom of my foot, thinking I was completely healed. I raised a HUGE blister 3 1/2 miles in. So I had to turn around. And walk 3 1/2 miles back. On the blister.

So I spent most of last week healing up from that, fighting off obnoxious men with ugly children and an obvious record of child abuse hitting on me at the Chinese buffet (ask [ profile] telaryn sometime about that one), and basically wondering why I am not losing any weight with all this exercise. While I ate everything in the house. Duh.

Oh, and stressing over my tan lines.

I have a farmer's tan on my arms. To be expected. I live in Florida. Usually I don't get tan on my legs, but with all the walking, I've picked up color.

Mind you, I've picked up color in a very limited area. I usually wear capri length walking pants so I have a very nice tan on half my calves. I have a terminator line at my ankles where my shoes pick up.

I've started wearing shorts on Saturday so now I have a lighter shade to mid thigh that blends into the dark tan stripes on my lower legs. Lovely

tan lines )

So, that's my update for today. I'm tired and sore and I'm listening to a song off the fucking Curious George soundtrack that I absolutely love. Between that and "Your Body is a Wonderland" I have pretty well convinced myself that I'm doomed to Easy Listening Hell for the rest of my life. And I DON'T CARE BECAUSE SCHLOCKY SONGS ROCK.

::sigh:: I'll have to check my records, but I'm pretty damn sure I didn't sign up for this getting older shit.

Ah well, onwards and upwards. I'll keep slamming Red Bulls and Clif bars to get across the finish line.

Provided I don't lose a toenail. After that, ya'll are on your own.


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