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[Error: unknown template qotd] Honestly? None of them.

I didn't know them, they weren't part of my life in any way except from enjoying their work from a distance.

I recall the frenzy over Di's death still with a bemused wonderment. The entire world stopped and wailed and gnashed its teeth over a total stranger. True, she was a pretty, young, glamorous princess with a tragic story, but still... Would the world have dropped everything and explosively mourned her as much had she been fat? Or ugly? Or black? I don't know.

It seems the same with Heath Ledger. There are still people out on there weeping over his death who are not his family, his friends, his orphaned daughter or the mother of his child. Bizzare.

And how long has Kurt Cobain been dead now? Ten years? Longer? I was furious when he was termed "the voice" of my generation. He and his scuzzy wife and their drug-addled quasi-musical screaming never spoke for me or people like me. I was out on my own, working for a living, paying my bills, making the world mine instead of screaming incoherant rage at it.

I often think the electronic age has brought a new kind of meaning to the word "relationship". I mean, does it make people feel closer, more in touch with, more connected to celebrities when there really IS no real, tangible relationship? Do we now have an internet full of one-sided relationships--all the lines headed one way, like some sad, forlorn, deluded version of 70s string-and-nail art?

Just look at that poor kid who plays "Edward" in Twilight. He has girls (and their mothers) sighing to him that they love him and they want him to bite them and they want him to watch over them while they sleep (ew). There seems to be a disconnect between fiction and reality in a growing number of people.

Maybe I lack some vital emotional part or depth, but I really just don't understand it all.


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